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Delivering on-time and on-target, we created -
  • A comprehensive recruiting brochure for server and storage VARs
  • Compelling messaging to support a new revenue stream
  • Forward momentum in a new channel category for both Apple and Bell Microproducts.
In conjunction with Apple Computer, Bell Microproducts hired Connected Marketing to create a comprehensive recruiting brochure to help educate their resellers about Apple storage and server products. Since Apple storage products were a new addition to the Bell Microproducts line-up, it was important that the brochure highlight important “Why Apple” messaging while also focus on key products and solutions. It was also vital for Bell Microproducts to ensure that the brochure act as a recruiting sales tool, helping to attract new VARs to their Apple Accelerate Reseller Program. The final product has proven to be successful on all fronts—and will be widely used as an important sales tool to help new revenue well into the future.
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