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As we develop strategy, we often surpass the basic requirements by:
  • Uniting and developing team relationships
  • Building solid foundations
  • Setting the highest of standards
As a key partner to Apple's Market Development team, Connected Marketing was tasked to help define the overall communication strategy for the Small Business and Science & Technology markets. Our goal was to provide key leverage points and interdependencies to help capitalize on messaging and product synergies. We surpassed client expectations by providing an effective cost structure that improved both the overall ROI for the group as well as better relationships across the board.

For the Small Business market, we zeroed in on customer needs and buying patterns to develop a communication strategy that heightened overall awareness and played into the channel needs of the company.

As partners for the Science & Technology team, we identified and expanded upon the market's key disciplines, deeply delving into the development of community resources. The ground that we covered and our exploitation of resources proved extremely beneficial both internally and externally to Apple.
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