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A well-designed and executed website can increase contacts, sales, and market share, while also portraying to customers a very professional image. However, a confusing and ill-designed site can drive potential customers away in droves. Put yourself on the winning side -- let us help build an exceptional website that boosts your success.

A brief look at our services:
  • Planning and developing the best structure for your site
  • Identifying your desired results and creating content to achieve them
  • Creating strong branding messages appropriate for the web
  • Developing how-to guides and other informational content
  • Creating product information in an easy-to-understand web format
  • Implementing the best navigation system for your site
  • Designing a site look and feel that fully supports your branding
  • Creating eye-catching graphics and logos
  • Developing multimedia content, including video and audio
  • Web programming and technical development
  • Updating and maintaining your site to keep it fresh and accurate
  • Building an e-commerce strategy, integrating sales capability into your site
Why choose Connected Marketing?
We understand the web as a medium and how to custom-build a website to meet specific business needs. Our team members have in-depth experience in web development - from launching a new store for Amazon.com to creating and maintaining major segments of Apple Computer's website. Connected Marketing has the talent, experience and enthusiasm to create a professional, effective website. Some examples of our unique website portfolio include:
  • Online seminars and webinars
  • Interactive how-to guides
  • Success stories and case studies
  • Online store and product ordering
  • Multimedia demos
  • Interactive surveys
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