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Setting yourself apart in a crowded market can be difficult. The experts at Connected Marketing can help you develop a brand and identity that speaks for itself.

A brief look at what we can do:
  • Provide custom market research that lays the foundation for your branding strategies
  • Develop your brand image in the context of an overall marketing strategy
  • Create compelling messaging to support your brand
  • Build the design elements of your brand, including logo, color palette, overall graphic style and usage guidelines
  • Define a style and voice for your communications
  • Implement your chosen style and graphic look in existing and future materials
  • Extend your brand across a broad range of effective media, including your entire business system, website, advertising materials and print collateral
  • Leverage existing brand identity to incorporate new markets or product lines
Why Connected Marketing?
We offer broad expertise and experience in defining brands for companies both large and small. We understand marketing and brand identity across all types of media, from printed brochures to websites. For each project, we assemble a custom-built team to meet your specific needs.
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