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Every piece of communication you send to customers, partners, investors, and the press is a valuable chance to represent your company. Connected Marketing is skilled at creating marketing communication materials in a variety of formats, each representing the best of your company.

A brief look at what we can do:
  • Build a MarCom strategy that maximizes your resources
  • Develop graphics, design, and multimedia that command attention
  • Identify opportunities that benefit from sales-boosting collateral
  • Develop consistent voice, identity, and messaging that demonstrates professionalism
  • Produce compelling product announcements and other public relations documents
  • Work closely with the press or other communication outlets to effectively distribute your message
  • Create collateral in any medium, from printed brochures to presentations on DVD
Why Connected Marketing?
Our team offers a strong background in marketing communications, with experience in all media. From informative editorial content to sales presentations, we provide exceptional editorial abilities and the capability to present your message in the most effective manner. Our MarCom materials provide the content, design and format to help your company look truly professional.
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